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Sheng Xiangjun (Helen Sheng)

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My experience on the course

I enrolled in the Digital Education programme in 2012 because I was interested in the way a digital learning platform adapts to help learners complete their courses and how they differ from traditional courses. I was awarded the Masters degree in 2014. I think the Digital Education programme is excellent and I’m pleased that I decided to work on it.

I had a fruitful learning experience. The instruction was carried out using a variety of approaches: video lectures, essay reading, journal writing, discussion, instant skype discussion, various assignments. It was somehow more demanding than traditional courses because we needed to present our points and participate in all the discussion by writing. It was not easy to complete the courses online. We had to devote ourselves to reading many articles in order to finish the assignments and papers. We needed to sort out our thoughts and organize our ideas in order to make our points clear, polite and organized, which greatly promoted my writing proficiency. Therefore, the programme excels at facilitation of learning and promotion of thinking. It provides a great platform to communicate with people in different countries.

I first heard about the Digital Education programme from Hamish Macleod in 2012 and it opened a window for furthering my study and broadening my knowledge. I came to know a lot of learners from different countries when working on the programme. I learned a lot from the tutors: Hamish, Rory, Jen, Sian, etc. The discussion in the forums and the assignment comments from tutors and peers were very interesting and enlightening. The programme established a bridge for me to communicate with learners throughout the world and changed my previous point of view on online learning. I’m also pleased that I was granted an opportunity to visit the University of Edinburgh and I had a good time in Edinburgh. I’m grateful that the tutors and the teachers there have all been so kind, patient and hardworking. They were never tired of my questions and went out of their ways to find papers, give suggestions and offer me possible resources for what I wanted.

The Digital Education Programme enabled me to get a good understanding of online learning and has opened up channels to proceed with my online learning. From the courses, the tutors and the mates, I’ve known and explored various other online programmes. This year I registered for four more courses on conflict management and resolution offered by the University of California on Coursera and I have completed three of them and now I’m working on the fourth. I enjoy learning online because they are self-paced and convenient for me to take at any time anywhere. I will go on to take more courses online if possible in future. The learning experience has greatly broadened my vision. I have worked on how the students learn to do business online by managing e-shop and have tried to help students learn online and offline.

What I'm doing now

Now I'm working as a professor and a dean responsible for the school of foreign studies in Yiwu Industrial and commercial college, Yiwu city, China.

I have published two theses based on my study of how the e-shop learners improved their proficiency and what courses they wanted. I’ve finished a course book on cross-board e-commerce communication English for students who would manage e-shop online and offer service for online requests.