The MSc Digital Education programme consists of three core courses and a range of options. You can choose to complete the whole MSc or exit with a Postgraduate Certificate (two courses) or Postgraduate Diploma (five courses). View the timetable for course delivery here.

Please note that the option courses outlined below are an indication only. Option courses are reviewed regularly and options are updated each year to reflect the research expertise of the current teaching team.

Core courses

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Critical Issues in Digital Education

Build a strong foundation for your studies and become familiar with the programme team and our teaching methods.
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Design and complete a programme of independent research in an area which is relevant to your own professional and academic interests, supported by your personal supervisor.
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Research methods

Develop your knowledge and understanding of approaches to research in digital education, and plan your dissertation research project.

Option Courses

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Course design for digital environments

Explore how to approach online course design in a designerly, well-theorised and critical way.
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Critical Data and Education

Engage with a range of critical perspectives on the increasing use of data and data-driven technologies in educational governance and practice.
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Digital education in global context

Examine the sociological and political aspects of online education, and its potential for helping learners negotiate the shifting landscape of the digital.
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Digital education: strategy and policy

Look in-depth at the policy context of digital education and apply your knowledge to your own organisation.
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Digital futures for learning

Understand the trajectory of our digital education future and build your own vision of how this might be shaped.
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Digital games, play and the psychology of learning

Learn how to apply principles of digital games and the psychology of learning to educational settings.
Robots and cyberculture motifs

Education and digital culture

Understand the emergence of digital culture, looking at how it interfaces with learning cultures, popular culture, and ideas of virtual community.
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Information Literacies in Digital Education

Critically engage with the current challenges of the digital information landscape.
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Learning Spaces and Digital Technologies

Critically explore the relationship between learning spaces and digital technologies.
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Wider themes in digital education

This course is currently being redeveloped and is not open for enrolments.