Can I study full time while I am working?

Full-time study really does mean full-time.  Full-time students are expected to put in around 35 to 40 hours in a working week, and cannot also be in full-time work.

While we do have a few people each year who are in a position to choose to take the programme full-time (perhaps a year of sabbatical leave from their employment, or a scheduled career break) most of our students are, in fact studying with us part-time.  Advantages to studying part-time include: having more time to become fully engaged with the community surrounding the programme; having a more managed and flexible passage through the elective courses of the programme; being able to conduct the dissertation research project over a longer time period (usually about one year, as opposed to 4 months as in the case of full-time participation).

Our very strong advice therefore is that you should not even consider studying with us full-time if you have other significant professional commitments at the same time. Please contact the Programme Selector to discuss your circumstances if you think you may wish to study full-time.

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