What will I learn on this programme?

The MSc in Digital Education is structured in a way which enables you to customise it according to your own interests and professional needs. It offers a combination of the hands-on experience which is essential to practising education and training in the digital age, and exposure to the theoretical and conceptual issues which make the field so intriguing and exciting to study.

So, depending on which programme options you choose to pursue, you will have the opportunity to:

  • participate in a course on the open web
  • formulate an institutional strategy for digital education
  • design your own course through a portfolio of activities
  • nurture online study skills in your learners

In addition, all courses will involve you in investigating fascinating conceptual issues, for example how the digital environment changes the way we construct knowledge, the politics of digital education and the digital divide, and the ways in which video-gaming might affect post-school education and training.

We recommend that you refer to the delivery table to see which courses will be available for study over the coming months and years.

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