Game-Informed Assessment for Playful Learning and Student Experience

By Maria Pavlou, for Dissertation, 2018

The main objective of this dissertation is to weave game principles, learning and the notion of playfulness with assessment principles in an attempt to investigate how what I call “game-informed playful assessment” (GIPA) may affect student learning and, more particularly, student experience of learning. The GIPA was introduced to an undergraduate Ancient Greek poetry course at a University in Cyprus. My data was generated through in-depth interviews with ten of the students that attended the course. Even though the GIPA, which was designed so as to promote student agency, autonomy, collaboration and playfulness was favourably, even enthusiastically, received the research also served to bring to the fore several other issues that call for attention, such as the stress that innovative assessment may evoke to students and student readiness to be playful within an academic framework that typically juxtaposes serious work with playfulness and play.