Learner Analysis: Deliberate Diversity in and International School

By Louis Odendaal, for Understanding Learning in an Online Environment, 2019

The context for this learner analysis is ​United World College Maastricht​ (UWCM) where I work as a Technology Integration Coordinator and ​Theory of Knowledge ​(TOK) Teacher. As an international school we offer the ​International Baccalaureate Diploma Program​ (IBDP) in the final two years of secondary school and are part of the ​United World College​ (UWC) movement that aims to identify students of promise and potential globally. Students who have been identified are placed at one of the 17 UWC schools and receive scholarships based on financial needs. UWCM is one of 17 not-for-profit UWC schools that operate around the world. Deliberate diversity is part of our DNA and is reflected in the more than 100 cultures that make up our student and staff body. As a subject Theory of Knowledge is a core component of the IBDP and successful completion is needed to receive the diploma. This analysis will focus on one specific TOK group that I currently teach and have been teaching for the past six months.