Learning Challenge: Mobius Knitting

By David Yeats, for Understanding Learning in an Online Environment, 2019

Choosing knitting for the challenge came from the ULOE forums (see fig.1) and sparked with a memory of my desire to knit. When my classmate posted their choice, it clicked. The incentive stemmed from the ULOE assessment but knitting resonated because I also had sufficient external and internal resources of support to complete the challenge (Lu & Chen, 1996). I refer to this process as ‘distributed choice’ both to disavow any idea of free-will being involved but also to invoke the work of Donald Norman on Distributed Cognition (Norman, 1993). My mental interplay with the digital space and others in it, led to this ‘click’ moment. The choice was not solely dependent upon ‘knowledge in the head’ in the form of a dormant desire, but also that ‘in the world’ which reminded me of my wish to knit (Norman, 2002: 79).