The Learning Experience as Art: Jazz Test 3

By Vincent Falivene, for Education and Digital Culture, 2021

Education, much like art, increasingly takes place in digital spaces challenging both corporeality and temporality. Learning is something that transpires in the mind. It is abstract and intangible. An artist cannot know how an individual or group will respond to a given work any more than an educator can know how one’s students will respond and learn. The skill of the artist, as well as the educator, can shape these experiences. Kress and Selander (2012) would agree that learning can be planned for. Iteration is central to design thinking. As such Jazz Test 3 represents an iteration and perhaps an evolution of a “planned for” learning experience. What may happen if grade 12 students are confronted with a space that implicitly asks epistemological questions about the lesson experience itself? While the resources within the hub can be navigated linearly, it can be explored and assembled in nonlinear ways. The parallels between the creation of art and construction of learning experiences are central to the construction of Jazz Test 3