Lymphaticus - a learning game designed for lymphoedema patients to promote better understanding and treatment concordance.

By Juliet Keaton, for Introduction to digital game-based learning, 2018

Lymphaticus is game for lymphoedema patients (Lymphies) to learn about the importance of the lymphatic system in fighting infection and maintaining lymph flow and fat absorption. This is a first-person shooter (FPS) video game designed for mobile devices that places players inside Lymphie Jo’s lymphatic system to fight infection and improve lymph flow with weapons and super-powers (the body’s natural defences and the nutrients collected on their journey in the lymph). Gameplay matches real-world strategies used to manage lymphatic disorders successfully to improve quality of life.

Serious games are those that have a clear and specific educational purpose. Such games have been used effectively for education and training of clinicians and patients (Kato et al., 2008; Kato, 2010; Ellaway, 2016). Serious games can be a useful learning tool using a patient-centred approach, through interactivity, problem-solving, repetition and continuous feedback (Kirriemuir and Mcfarlane, 2004). They have the potential to enhance motivation for learning by stimulating curiosity offering active learning with targeted information in a meaningful context within the learner’s control (Kirriemuir and Mcfarlane, 2004; Kato et al., 2008).