A question of values: a story fo two uncertain futures

By Paul Taylor, for Education and Digital Culture, 2021

Mark checked his watch and confirmed one more hour at near-peak performance and time for his meeting. He touched the banner reading ‘Algorithms produce truth itself, but only with your intervention’ above his door and headed out for his meeting with the agent from Guangzhou – amazing how despite the huge expense of travel and advances in scopic media, we humans still assigned much greater value to seeing than viewing.

Shortly afterwards he was exchanging bows with Xue Wei and launching into ‘the talk’. 

“We mostly train ‘in’ – so to speak – countries that follow the ‘lifetime’ model of education, first introduced in the US. While it was originally an act of desperation when the AI-powered public schools system and employment collapsed in tandem, with significant adaptations it has ended up working so well that it’s now successfully used in 64 countries. An ‘accidental miracle’ we like to call it.”