Our students are lecturers in higher education, developers of online education in public and private sector organisations, trainers, educational developers, professors, administrators, researchers and school teachers.

They are spread across the globe, from Canada, Iran, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Rwanda, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Mexico, Austria and many more. We reach over 40 countries at present, with about 55% of our students being based in the UK and 45% from the rest of the world. 

After completing the programme our students go on to build careers in the development of online education – as teachers or trainers, faculty, developers, government officials, and more. Many go on to further research and doctoral level study.

From this page you can get a sense of the kind of work students produce on the MSc in Digital Education, and learn more about the destinations and perspectives of some of our alumni. We also have a programme podcast where we talk to our students (and sometimes each other) about a range go perspectives and issues on digital education.